14 May 2011

Project "Technics SL-Q3,I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire, by The Ink Spots"

i don't want to set the world on fire, by the ink spots...made famous all over again by a game called fallout 3.

i didn't fix this turntable, nor did i restore it in any way...this actually belongs to my father and i got it on a long term loan from him since he didn't really use it that much (nowadays, but it has surely been used for many many hours by now) and he's been keeping it in a good and working condition for about three decades.

anyway i have recently been extremely intrigued in records ever since i got my hands on the gramophone and brought it back to life and although i'm really lagging behind in terms of music technology, i think many people have been missing out on something.

records are difficult to maintain...they require a good cleaning with a velvet brush before every listening to get the dust out of the grooves otherwise you'd have clicks and pops. i have a cleaning solution specially just for the disc, and another different cleaning solution specially for the needle. troublesome...troublesome...but that's why it makes everything better.

it's just something about the tediousness of setting everything up that makes you appreciate the sounds even more, it's also something about the concept of being able to hold analogue music in a physical form instead of ones and zeros that makes it simply wonderful. on top of all that, i think the sounds coming from a vinyl disk sounds so much warmer and natural than from other mediums...plus they all come in a big folder that is so much easier to read than a standard CD album.

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