06 January 2011

Project "His Master's Voice Gramophone Model 102" (1/3)

i obtained this gramophone from my girlfriend's family a few months ago. i do not own it, they just lent it to me on a long term loan due to my fascination with old stuff. i decided to clean it up and restore it as well as i can. i did take a few pictures before starting and it was in a really bad state.

i removed the soundbox from the tonearm as it was rusted beyond repair.

this has definitely seen better days.

the motorboard housing, with every metal part rusted and every corner/hole clogged with dust

the spring motor, badly rusted and congealed grease

the round object at the end of the arm that is covered in rust is the soundbox, which is the means and ways of how the gramophone produces sound in the first place...and it...is...an absolute write off...

work is still in progress on this machine, which i have been told by an online forum that it was produced in 1954, which makes this gramophone nearly 60 years old. so far it refuses to stay fixed, with some other part failing once one other part has been fixed, but i will be very satisfied once it is restored to a respectable working order.

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